New Poll on Attitude of Canadians Towards Immigrants

The ipsos-Reid poll suggests in contrast with the similar survey done in 1993 that present day Canadian are more comfortable with granting equal rights & opportunities to recent immigrants of Canada. Though nearly two third of the respondents believe that immigrants of Canada should have same rights as Canadian-born citizens in future.

A recent study found Canada as the most positive country towards new immigrants among eight countries Germany, United States, England and Italy are one of them. Three out of ten survey respondents felt that Canada should increase immigrants numbers. Though Canada's economist believes that Canada is presently at full employment. The growing national concern about lack of skilled workers in industries. Also, fewer respondents are worried that immigrants are taking employment away from Canadians.

As many Companies are hiring employees from different backgrounds to make multicultural work environment to meet their objectives. They believe that different people from different backgrounds will give new ideas, experience which would help to make decisions in their companies.

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