New Office to Help Foreign Professionals get Credentials Recognized in Canada

In order to overcome the delays and difficulties of getting foreign credentials recognized in Canada, a new government office will provide services to newcomers and immigrants to assist in navigating the credential recognition process. This will help new immigrants to work in their chosen fields in Canada The Foreign Credential Referral Office is a new project that will help immigrants begin the process of getting their credentials recognized before they arrive in Canada, preventing time from being wasted on arrival.

The federal initiative comes on the heels of moves by the province of Ontario earlier this year to improve credential recognition in the province. The Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act, which became law in March of this year targets occupations moderated by professional organizations, such as engineering or chartered accountancy, in order to improve fair treatment of foreign-trained individuals.

With federal government funding the agency has already opened branches in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Halifax, with plans to increase to 320 offices across the country by the fall of 2007. Offices have also opened overseas in China, India and the Philippines, with plans to expand if the project is successful. The agency will also assist individuals in the immigration process and will encourage people to come to Canada.

The Foreign Credential Referral Office will also have a strong internet presence. The new web portal at provides information and advice for foreign-trained professionals seeking a variety of career paths. The website will point individuals towards the appropriate universities, colleges and regulatory bodies to have their credentials assessed, and provide advice for completing the process quickly and successfully to work in Canada.

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