Safe Cities, Health Care and Education Attracting Newcomers to Canada

Toronto - Top Immigrant City in CanadaThe world feels a lot smaller these days, the ease of travel, even long-haul travel, encouraging people to venture further afield, not only on vacation, but also to live and work abroad. One destination that attracts a great deal of attention is Canada. Safe cities, world class health Care and education system are among the top factors attracting Newcomers to Canada. Canada also has so much going for it, including great places to live, a vibrant culture and friendly outgoing people, making it an attractive prospect for people seeking a new life abroad.

Canadian cities such as Montreal and Vancouver regularly feature among the most pleasant places to live around the world. They are safe, friendly environments in which to settle down, with lots of opportunities for people to prosper and do well. Vancouver, in particular, has seen a large influx from the Far East, especially after Hong Kong was returned to China at the end of the last century. In just last 5 years, Canada has welcomed over one million Immigrants to permanently settle in the country, many of them coming from India, China, Pakistan, Philippines, Middle East and USA.

Other attractions for immigrants to Canada include the countrys high quality healthcare and education services, the latter being free at the point of use for both junior and secondary schools, while Canadian universities and colleges of further education are carving out an enviable reputation, both at home and abroad.

Quality of life aside, another key benefit for immigrants to Canada is the countrys generous citizenship criteria. After you have been living in Canada for three years you are able to apply for citizenship, and that citizenship passes in turn to your family, whereas in many other countries you require to be resident for a much longer period before becoming eligible for nationality.

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