Affiliate Partnership for Canadian Immigration Firms

We will refer you potential clients who seek to immigrate to Canada, work in Canada or initiate a sponsorship process for their loved ones.

canada immigration affiliate

You pay only $5 per referral (or lead)

We are looking to partner with Canadian based Immigration Firms (including Immigration Consultants, Agents and Lawyers), looking for potential clients seeking Immigration services. Under this partnership you will pay us only $5 lead for every potential client that we send you. If the client qualifies and avails your immigration services, you do not have to pay us any additional fees or commission. Many Immigration Firms charge from $2000 - $5000 per immigration case. is a Canadian Immigration News Service. We get hundreds of potential candidates from all over the world who complete the immigration evaluation form. This form has has the ability to capture all curtial information about the candidate that is needed to evaluate their chances for immigration to Canada. If you are a Canadian based Immigration Firm, we can send this evaluation form results and data directly to you. You can evaluate their credentials and contact them directly. Apart from all other crucial data, the evaluation form requires input of both email and phone number so you may contact them via either or both methods.

If you are a Canadian based Immigration Firm, this can surely be a beneficial partnership for both of us. This is an excellent and unique affiliate partnership for Canadian Immigration Firms. We are currently the only company offering this kind of unique partnership. It is also an excellent opportunity to generate business leads and get new clients for your business. We have the expertise to manage and market websites and online services, whereas you specialize in Canadian Immigration Service. You can stay focused on your expertise while we work hard to get you those clients. Contact us via email or call us at 647-722-8424 if you would like to set up this partnership.

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