Temporary Residents in Canada Can Now Apply Online for Work Permits

Temporary residents in Canada can now apply online for work permits Temporary residents seeking work permits or an extension of their visit in Canada can now apply online. Apart from applying online, applicants can also pay their application fees, check their application status and change their address online.

The new online applications will result in faster processing because online applications can only be submitted if they are complete. Forms submitted by mail often need to be returned because they are incomplete, adding additional time to the process. The service is open to all temporary residents except for co-op program work permit applicants.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) intends to make all types of applications available online in the future. This release is an expansion of the e-Suite of Services currently available to international students. CIC first began offering online applications in June 2008 for international students studying in Canada to apply online for an off-campus work permit, confirm their eligibility online and renew their study permit while in Canada. They can also use our online services to apply for or extend the status of their dependent family members currently living in Canada.

Applicants will benefit in a number of ways from using online application services:

  • They can submit their application at any time and from anywhere through the CIC website;
  • They can use the help text that is available for every question, which makes the e-Application easy to use;
  • They can only submit a complete application. Forms submitted by mail often need to be returned because they are incomplete;
  • They can pay online; and
  • TThey will enjoy faster processing times.

All online applications (including work permit applications & extensions) can be accessed online by visiting the  CIC's online services.

Furthermore, applicants who gain skilled work experience in Canada may be eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class.

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