Immigrants in Canada Tend to Settle in the three largest Cities

Most newcomers and immigrants to Canada tend to settle in the three biggest cities which are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Many newcomers have also choosen to live in the medium-sized cities, which they feel have as much to offer as the larger cities with a better quality of life.

Of the 1.1 million immigrants who landed in Canada between 2001 and 2006, about 70 per cent settled in one of the "big three" cities and about 28 per cent headed for other urban areas. Only three per cent chose to settle in a rural area, the 2006 census found. The most cited reason for settling in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, according to a survey of immigrants, was to join the social support networks of family and friends.

According to reports by Statistics Canada, Among newcomers in Toronto, the second-most cited reason was the job prospects that Toronto could offer. Among newcomers in Montreal, it was language, and among those in Vancouver, it was climate.

Among the medium-sized cities are Halifax, Quebec City, Ottawa, London, Windsor, Sudbury, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria. All of the medium-sized cities have diverse, multi-ethnic populations ranging in size from approximately 100,000 to one million people, and all have the variety of public and private institutions and services found in the largest cities.

Some newcomers like the idea of living in smaller cities or towns like Moncton, Fredericton, Red Deer and Kelowna, or prefer to live in a rural area. Depending on your skills or professional qualifications, some regions may have better job opportunities than others.

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