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Canada Immigration Evaluation

It is important to answer all the questions so we can evaluate more precisely your chances for immigrating to Canada.

If you qualify we will send you the assessment results which outlines:

  • Immigration category through which you have qualified
  • The total points you have earned
  • Application processing time
  • Immigration requirements & procedure
  • Professional & government fees

Personal information
Family name:
First name:

  years old


Marital status:

Do you have children who will
accompany you to Canada?

Telephone:   (Optional)

* indicate your country code and regional code

* indicate at least your country of residence

Work experience (including trainings)
Years of work experience:

Last position held:
Additional positions in last 10 Years:

Are you, or have you ever been, the owner or manager of a company?

Educational background
Highest level of completed education:

Title of the diploma or degree:
TOTAL Number of years of formal education:
* starting from primary school up to your last diploma or degree


Do you have a diploma in another speciality?

Were your secondary or postsecondary studies completed in French?

Arranged Employment
Do you have a HRDC (Human Resources Development Canada) approved parmanent job offer from a Canadian employer?:

If YES, please describe:

Language abilities
Basic: You can communicate in predictable contexts and on familiar topics, but with some difficulty.
Moderate: You can communicate comfortably in familiar social and work situations.
High: You can communicate effectively in most social and work situations.
French English
Speaking: Speaking:
Listening: Listening:
Reading: Reading:
Writing: Writing:

Do you know someone that lives in Canada?

Done postsecondary studies in Canada?

Have you worked, or had training, in Canada?

Have you ever made other visits to Canada?

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