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American immigrants to Canada reach a 30 Year High

The number of immigrants from United Staes accepted into Canada reached 10,942 in 2006, a 30-year high and almost double the number of Americans admitted in 2000. By contrast, the number of Canadians admitted to the United States in 2006 dropped sharply from the previous year, falling to 23,913 from 29,930. This pattern suggests the drain of Canadian brains south of the border may be a reducing.

Jedwab pointed to the economic downturn in the United States as a top possibility for the trend, followed by social and political considerations. Also the booming Canadian economy along with the strong Canadian dollar may be playing an important role as well.

In 2006, 4,498 people were admitted as economic immigrants, which means they need to collect sufficient points to gain entry. This narrowly outpaced the 4,468 immigrants brought in under family-reunification rules. Ontario continued to be the principal destination for American immigrants in 2006 (5,705), followed by British Columbia (2,435) and Quebec (1,006). Alberta was fourth with 980.

Most of the well educated immigrants are now coming from United States. Canada is enjoying an upswing as a preferred destination for Americans, many of whom are increasingly well educated. In 2006, 49.5% of American immigrants held a bachelor's degree or better, up from 46% in 2000.

The poll also indicated that 92% of Americans had a favourable view of Canada, making it the top pick among 25 foreign countries listed.

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