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New Agreements for Foreign-Trained Medical Professionals in Quebec

To help new health care immigrants to quickly start working in Quebec, Canada, the Immigration Minister has established agreements with seven professional corporations - governing doctors, nurses, nurses' aides, occupational therapists, inhalations therapists, midwives, and medical technicians. The goal is to make sure that every foreign trained medical or helth professional who comes to Quebec, Canada and who wishes to be a part of a professional order can follow the steps as efficiently as possible and become a member of the order. The goal of these agreements is to increase awareness about the licensing process in Quebec for foreign professionals, and to offer tutoring to help them pass the corporations' exams.

With a health care worker shortage in the Province of Quebec (Canada), the provincial Immigration Minister Yolande James is working to make it easier for foreign health care professionals to become licensed to practice in Quebec. As a regulated industry, all foreign educated health care workers must belong to a professional corporation, which ensures that foreign qualifications are equivalent to Quebec qualifications. Many foreign qualified medical and health care workers are not made aware of the licensing process or face difficulties passing the required test and learning French. They often end of working in unrelated fields. The new agreements will definitely ease some of these barriers.

Each of the seven professional orders will receive grants of $100,000 towards these ends. In addition, the Quebec immigration department has allocated $525,000 for specialized French courses to prepare foreign-trained health professionals to deal with French-speaking patients.

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