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Demand Increasing for Construction Workers in Canada

The construction industry in Canada is in desperate need for more workers from abroad. With potential growth being held back by labour shortages, industry leaders are asking the government to increase immigration and to improve recruiting strategies to bring individuals with much-needed construction skills to Canada.

Construction is a major industry in Canada, employing over 1.1 million people in Canada, and with annual revenues of over $170 billion. According to a recent survey 86% of construction managers felt that if they had more skilled workers available they would be able to take advantage of opportunities that could lead to significant growth. Yet two thirds of those surveyed reported having difficulty finding workers to operate their businesses at full capacity.

In response to the hurdle of labour shortages, the construction industry managers who responded to the survey were eager to turn to hiring foreign workers to come work in Canada. Many in the industry had already hired new immigrants to Canada. To meet their demand for construction workers, Canada's construction industry has called on the federal government to make it easier for workers in the industry to immigrate to Canada, and to speed up the process.

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If you are a Non-Canadian Construction Worker you may qualify to Immigrate to Canada under the skilled worker category. As a Canadian Immigrant you will have the opportunity to freely live and work in Canada in the occupation of your choice including Construction Worker. Complete an online evaluation to find out if you qualify for Immigration to Canada.

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