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Quality of Life Will Attract Immigrants in Smaller Canadian Cities & Towns

While recent Canadian census told of the importance of immigration for Canadian growth, cities and provinces across Canada are devising strategies to attract newcomers to their region. The mayors of Atlantic Canada are confident that the quality of life in their cities will be the key to attracting immigrants to work, live and stay in their cities and towns.

The majority of new immigrants to Canada settle in one of the country's three largest cities: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. This has been the trend throughout the last century, though the trend has been on the decline in recent years as economic growth elsewhere in the country brings better opportunities for new immigrants.

A group of mayors in Atlantic Canada have come together and agreed that immigrants who come to their cities will be enticed to stay by the high quality of life. Canada as a whole consistently ranks at or near the top in global surveys of quality of life. Atlantic Canada is convinced that their healthy and safe communities will attract those who wish to get away from the busier lifestyles of the larger cities. With housing prices rising in the largest cities as well, the lower cost of living contributes to the comfortable lifestyle that Atlantic Canadian mayors believe will appeal to immigrants making new homes in Canada.

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