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Canada 'Desperate For Immigrants'

In November 2005, Minister of Immigration Joe Volpe, created a media splash by unveiling plans to change Canada's immigration policy that include plans to take in 300,000 immigrants annually within the next five years. Canada is projected to accept 255,000 new immigrants next year as compared to around 236,000 last year.

Immigration Minister Joe Volpe was quoted as saying that Ottawa was "desperate for immigration". He said, "We have to start thinking about the immigration department as a recruiting vehicle for Canada's demographic and labor market needs."

We are producing more jobs than the labor market has workers for ... we're desperate for immigration," Volpe said. "Looking to the future, more successful and well integrated newcomers in all parts of Canada are key to nation building and to our economic prosperity."

Volpe says that he is looking at the 'temporary worker' route to bring in more skilled workers and trades people like pipe-fitters, carpenters, masons, and truck drivers. A recent report had talked about 5000 trucks sitting idle in Atlantic Canada because there were no drivers. Canada issues about 95,000 such visas a year currently.

This is an excellent initiative from the Minister as firstly, the foreign worker is immediately accepted into workforce, as a specific employer brings him in. So from first day he is a happy camper, contributing and enjoying his Canadian experience.

Secondly, you eliminate the bad stuff that is going on immigration, by bringing in people who then are left to fend for themselves and who in turn become the biggest critics of Canada's immigration system.

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