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Police Certificates For Canadian Immigration

As you may know, you MUST get the so called "police certificates" ready when you apply for the Canadian immigration visa.

Let me give you a few tips to make your process easier:

It is very important to submit your application for the police certificates as soon as possible, since it takes some time to receive it. Let me explain, you need:

- Police certificates of good conduct (Original document) from each country, state or territory in which you and everyone included in the application (18 years of age or over) have lived for six months or longer (since reaching 18 years of age);

- You should submit your original fingerprints to the authorities conducting the police checks or clearances;

- If the authority in the country where you obtained your certificate will forward the result directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you should attach a note explaining the situation.

Please note that:

- A Police Certificate is required from ALL countries where the applicant and his/her family have resided in for 6 months or more since reaching age 18, along with the country where the applicant currently lives;

- This certificate should be issued by a national or federal police agency if possible. If you do not currently reside in that country, you may need to apply at the local Embassy or High Commission in your country of residence;

- A Police Certificate (also called certificate of no criminal record), is necessary for every applicant age 18 and older - You should present original Police Certificates and also an original accredited translation if the certificates are not in English or French;

- The Police Certificate (s) must have been issued in the last six months.


If you don't know how to apply for your police certificate, I strongly recommend downloading the most recent version of Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada. When you download the manual, you will receive an amazing tool that will simplify the process of obtaining your police certificates.

This tool has helped hundreds of people around the globe apply for their certificates, and I am sure you will find it very useful as well.

It is a police authority directory, and it indicates some of the local authorities where you could obtain a Police Certificate in several specific countries.

Alex Berezovsky is author of the famous book Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada. He is also the founder of http://www.stepbystepimmigrationcanada.com

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