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Top 10 Paying Jobs in Canada

Petroleum engineers have bagged the top spot on a recent survey of Canada's best-paying jobs. Other jobs hot demand jobs in the top 10 list include nursing supervisors, data analysts, lawyers, economists and librarians, with librarians showing the fastest wage growth of any occupation during the past five years. The list below shows the top 10 jobs in Canada along with the median salary:

Canada's Top 10 jobs:

  1. Petroleum engineer, median salary $90,002
  2. Nursing supervisor, median salary $74,880
  3. Electrical Contractor, median salary $69,160
  4. Data Analyst, median salary $66,040
  5. Chemistry Specialist, median salary $67,330
  6. Health Policy Consultant, median salary $65,229
  7. Construction Manager, median salary $70,179
  8. Lawyer, median salary $79,997
  9. Transport Manager, median salary $70,720
  10. Economist, median salary $75,565

The survey completed by Canadian Business Network, revealed that petroleum engineers weren't the only ones making the highest income from the oil sector. Also ranking in the Top 50 were roles that fed into the oil sands industry such as chemical and civil engineers, electrical contractors, and environmental and occupational safety inspectors.

Petroleum engineer is the person who figures out how to get the oil out of the oilsands. This is both the fastest-growing occupation in Canada, with employment increasing by 85% between 2006 and 2012, and the second-highest in pay. Perhaps that shouldn't surprise, given that the oil patch is far and away Canada's largest driver of employment and economic activity. And the people it employs face a challenging mission.

Construction managers are also in hot demand, especially out west. Almost every province has big projects under way - potash and mining in Saskatchewan, petroleum in Alberta and BC, shipbuilding in Nova Scotia and hydro dams in Manitoba and Quebec - with job demand expected to peak around 2015.

The fastest-growing wage, meanwhile, belongs to librarians, whose salaries have increased on average by 39% over the past five years, due, in part, to the changing nature of their work. It's no longer a sweet old lady pushing a trolley of books," notes Duxbury. "It's information and data management. It's knowledge-based.

Apart from high salary, these jobs are also in high demand in Canada. Shortage of skilled workers in Canada is surely the main reason for these occupations making the top 10 list. Canada has been investing in local universities and colleges to promote education and training for these jobs. Canada is also accepting foreign trained immigrants to fill up these high demand jobs.

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