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Canada is accepting more Provincial Nominee Immigrants

Canadian provinces and territories are on track this year to welcome a record number of immigrants selected under their own nominee programs. There has been a rapid growth in provincial nominee programs in recent years. Canada plans to admit about 40,000 immigrants in the provincial nominee category in 2011, five times more than the 8,000 welcomed in 2005. The previous high was 36,428 provincial nominees in 2010.  

The Provincial Nominee programs is very beneficial to the country as it helps in spreading out the benefits of immigration around the country. Traditionally, Toronto (Province of Ontario), Montreal (Province of Quebec) and Vancouver (Province of British Columbia) has attracted a disproportionate share of skilled immigrants coming to Canada. However, the top three provinces for provincial nominees are Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Thanks in large part to the provincial/territorial nominee programs, 26% of economic immigrants accepted as permanent residents of Canada are now destined for provinces or territories other than Ontario, British Columbia or Quebec, compared to just 11% in 1997.

The provincial nominee program is also a good way to get workers in quickly. Applications are processed within 12 months on average, as are federal skilled worker applications under recent ministerial instructions.

The Provincial Nominee Program is part of an agreement set up between the federal government and certain provincial governments to encourage workers skilled in a field that is of high demand immigrate to the province. The Provincial Nominee program allow the provinces and territories to identify their own economic immigrants. Canada is also committed to working with their provincial and territorial counterparts to continue to improve the program design, integrity, selection standards and management of the nominee programs.

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