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Hiring an Immigration Consultant to Move to Canada

If you are planning to move to Canada, it is advisable to hire an Immigration Consultant (also refered as an Immigration Practitioner). There are definite advantages to hire an Immigration Consultant. An immigration consultant can save your time and headache by filling out your applications and helping you to gather supporting documents be on top of immigration regulation changes that might affect your application selection, process and time-line. You are not obliged to hire a representative for immigration or refugee matters. However hiring a consultant will ensure your documents are properly prepared in accordance with applicable Canadian immigration law. Hiring a consultant will cost you money but it saves time, gives you peace of mind, you will be able to submit an error-free application and avoid delays and possible rejection.

Because of the complexity of immigration law it is often difficult for laypersons to determine which visa /permit might be best for their particular situation. For example, one type of status might be faster to obtain but might prevent you from bringing relatives. An Immigration Consultant can actually save you time and money by looking at your needs and ensuring your chosen immigration status is right for your situation. An Immigration Consultant can also makes sure that your application is as complete and thorough as possible.

Immigratoin ConslutantIf you are planning to move to Canada and hire an Immigration Consultant, MigreteNow.ca recommends our affiliate consultant, Joel E. Tencer (B.A. LL.B. CCIC FCMI), who is a well known immigration Consultant in Canada. He has been assisting individuals, families, and business persons to immigrate or seek refugee protection in Canada for many years. He is recognized as a professional in the immigration consulting community and has written several articles regarding immigration practices. Joel has an over 90% success rate helping his clients immigrate to Canada.

MigrateNow.ca has verified that Joel E. Tencer is a CSIC licensed certified member (membership number with CSIC is M042374) in good standing with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC). He is therefore recognized as an authorized representative by CSIC and all Canadian Embassies around the world. He has been honoured with a fellowship from The Canadian Migration Institute which educates and accredits its members, advocates on immigration law and policy, and promotes consumer protection within the Immigration community.

Legal immigration services offered:
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Refugee Claims. Either inside Canada or abroad.
  • Skilled Worker Application
  • Visitor Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Family Class Sponsorship
  • Live-in Caregiver Application
  • Economic Business Class Immigration
  • Humanitarian & Compassionate Application

If you are planning to move to Canada, our affiliate immigration consultant Joel. E Tencer will assist you will any of these immigration services. Whatever country you come from please contact us to see if we can help you realize your dream to move to Canada and eventually become a Canadian Citizen. You can also use our free online application so that we can evaluate your credentials and give you more information on immigrating to Canada. We look forward to hearing from you!

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