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Canada Increases 2010 Quota For Economic Immigrants

Canada has adjusted its 2010 immigration plan by increasing the 2010 quota for economic immigrants. These changes are a response to the Canadian and Global economic recovery and were required to further reduce the federal skilled worker backlog. As Canada recovers from the recession, increasing economic immigration is beneficial to the country and ensures employers have the workers they need to supplement the Canadian domestic labor supply. Canada expects the need for more economic immigrants will also grow further in the years ahead.

Each year, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) sets out a quota for the number of immigrants it intends to welcome within economic, family and humanitarian immigration categories. The quota for 2010 is 240,000 - 265,000 immigrants.Citizenship and Immigration Canada usually achieves the midpoint of this range. In 2010,Citizenship and Immigration Canada expects achieving the upper end of this range, allowing Canada to welcome more immigrants in the economic category than originally planned. This includes federal skilled workers and record-level numbers of provincial nominees, without reducing the number in the family or humanitarian immigration categories. CIC has also announced that they will need to manage the number of new applications or risk creating new backlogs and longer processing times.

Government of Canada is also proposing new eligibility criteria for the Canadian investor program immigration so it makes an even greater contribution to the Canadian economy. The new proposed changes will require new investors to have a personal net worth of $1.6M, up from $800,000, and make an investment of $800,000, up from $400,000. These proposals were pre-published in late June in the Canada Gazette for a 30-day public comment period. These changes are necessary to keep Canada's program competitive with that of other countries, and keep pace with the changing economy.

Until the changes are finalized, the Canada will stop accepting new investor applications to prevent a flood of applications before the new criteria take effect, which would stretch processing times even further. When the new criteria are in place, new applications will be processed alongside the old ones. In this way, Canada can begin to realize the benefits of the changes immediately.

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