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An Interactive Canadian Immigration Related Online Community - LoonLounge.com

Are you considering moving to Canada or are already in the process of moving to Canada? Do you need advice with a personal touch or want to share your immigration experience? LoonLounge.com might be the right website to visit. LoonLounge.com is a place to meet people and learn about life in Canada and the Canadian immigration experience. At LoonLounge.com  you can connect with people around the world, share experiences and advice, ask questions, make friends, find a job in Canada and create a settlement plan. Its membership is made up of current Canadian residents, soon-to-be Canadian immigrants, and the many people around the world who dream of one day making Canada their home.

Throughout the immigration and settlement process, there is no better resource than the advice and guidance of a person who has already experienced it all. So many people have made it through and become successful Canadian Permanent Residents and Canadian citizens and are willing to share their experience and offer valuable advice. But for a potential Canadian immigrant or one that is currently going through the process, it can feel like you are all alone, caught up in a mess of bureaucracy, on your way to a new life in an unknown country. There are plenty of people out there who are willing to help you.  LoonLounge.com is the place to meet them.

Along with helpful contacts, community forums and blogs, a job search tool, expert advice and suggestions, Canada related resources, LoonLounge.com offers you with the tools and checklist that you need to create your Canadian settlement plan. Meet new people and find old friends.  Every LoonLounge.com member has something in common with you - all members share the desire for a successful life in Canada.

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