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Obtaining Information on Delayed or Rejected Immigration Cases

In accordance with the Access to Information Act (ATI), information can be obtained on immigration records held by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. ATI reports have valuable information on the processing of your Canadian permanent and temporary residence applications. It is not the same as the e-Client found on CIC website, which provides very limited information on the status of your file.

The ATI report can also give information on why an application for permanent or temporary residence visa has been approved or refused, withdrawn or abandoned, or need for more supporting documents, interview or waiver. The report will provide information which can be particularly useful for delayed and rejected Immigration Cases.

Advantages of requesting your Access of Information Report

  1. Status of your case and required documents
  2. Immigration officer's assessment of your case (points calculations)
  3. Immigration officer's notes
  4. Program assistant's notes
  5. Information on missing / valid / invalid documents
  6. Problems with the your file.
  7. Details of the processing stages passed
  8. Why you were called for an interview
  9. Questions you will be asked in the interview (if an interview is required)
  10. Reason for refusal, approval and dealy.

ATI report is obtained through CAIPS (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System), which is a computerized system used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to keeps track of each and every case for permanent or temporary residence applications. It keeps a record of all the information you provide and notes entered by visa officers who have reviewed your file.

You may request your ATI report online. Your full name, visa office, file number and the date of birth are required to obtain the report. The ATI report can be requested even without the file number, however the file number ensures faster processing of your request.

The process to obtain your complete report normally takes 3-4 weeks. Due to rare circumstances, It may take longer in which you will be informed of the reasonable timeframe in advance. Requesting the ATI report does not affect the processing of your Immigration application.It actually resolves any discrepancies found in the CAIPS notes which, in turn, can positively affect the processing of your application.

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