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Canada's Population Reaches 33,311,389 Largely Due to Immigrants

Canada's population, as of July 1, was recorded at 33,311,389, with the Prairie provinces and Prince Edward Island showing the fastest growth. Immigration accounted for an 91,600 increase in Canada's population during the second quarter of 2008, the largest increase in 17 years, according to a Statistics Canada report released Monday.

Of the 125,800 additional Canadians during the quarter, 91,600 were from another country. That total was the highest number of immigrants Canada has experienced since the late 1980s. The increase in net international migration over the second quarter of 2008 is mainly explained by an increase in both the number of immigrants and non-permanent residents. Immigration increased in every province and territory, with new second-quarter records being set in Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Canada's rate of natural increase in the second quarter of 2008 remained relatively stable compared with the same period of 2007, with the number of births and deaths increasing in a similar fashion.

The Prairie provinces and Prince Edward Island were the fastest growing provinces, according to the report. Alberta's growth rate - at 0.78 per cent or more than 27,500 people - was the largest in Canada. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia all recorded growth levels above the national average and Manitoba experienced its largest quarterly jump since 1982. Population also increase In Eastern Canada and the Atlantic provinces however it only increased by 0.60 per cent or 831 people in P.E.I., which was attributed largely to immigration.

Source: Stats Canada

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