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Government of Canada Offers Funding for Newcomers to Yukon

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration announced new funding to help immigrant-serving organizations deliver settlement services to immigrants in Yukon. Yukon is the westernmost and smallest of Canada's three territories. The new funding of over $341,000 is expected to help newcomers access language training programs and referrals to community resources for assistance in settling into their new communities and finding a job. These are both one of the key factors in the transition to their new lives. Their success will strengthen Yukon and Canada as a whole.

The funding will be shared by The Association Franco-Yukonnaise (AFY) Yukon College. The AFY provides services for Francophones in minority communities, welcomes all newcomers, and encourages their participation in their new communities. Yukon College will used the funds to provide job-specific language training to help prepare newcomers for jobs in Canada that match their skills and qualifications. This also makes it easier for immigrants to integrate into the community. Funding for enhanced language training is provided on a yearly basis and renewed every school year.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada funds a number of programs that help newcomers settle, adapt and integrate into Canadian society. Settlement services are an essential part of the federal government's immigration program. In 2006, the Government of Canada began investing an additional $1.4 billion over five years in settlement funding to provinces and territories outside of Quebec, which receives annual funding through a separate agreement.

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