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Benefits of Canadian Dual Citizenship

If you have lived in Canada as a permanent resident for 1,095 days or longer, you can apply to become a citizen. After 1,095 days, you can get a passport and the right to vote together with a sense of belonging to this country and knowing that you've truly found a new home. On top of that, Canada allows dual or even multiple citizenship which means you don't necessarily have to give up citizenship in the country where you lived before. However not every country is as liberal as this one when it comes to immigration laws. In many countries you automatically lose your old citizenship status once you decide to become a citizen somewhere else. It is best to check with the government of your homeland that you will, in fact, be able to keep your status there as well.

There are definitely quite a few advantages to holding citizenship status in more than one country. One benefit is purely emotional - you probably have parents and family living there and chances are, you still feel connected to your home country. But there are many more practical rewards too, including:

  • Increased employment opportunities in two (or even more) countries
  • The entitlement to social benefits such as education, health care and pensions
  • The right to own property and unrestricted residency in more than one place.
  • A sense of belonging through personal ties to more than one country
  • Even if you are happy and content here, you may have children who are born in Canada ( and therefore are Canadians by birth ) but who also automatically inherit citizenship in the country of your origin, which gives them the opportunity to live, study and work in a different part of the world when they grow up.
  • With a dual citizenship you will also not be required Visa to visit your home country.

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