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Foreign-Trained Architects Get Better Recognition in Canada

Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) recently announced that it will be funding a new initiative through the Foreign Credential Recognition Program for internationally-trained architects (mostly Canadian Immigrants)

Currently profession of architect is regulated differently in all provinces and territories in Canada. This means that, by law, no one can practise the profession of architect without a license. Provincial and territorial regulatory bodies of architects are responsible for setting the standards for entry into the profession and for issuing licenses to those who meet established standards of qualifications and practice. Now, with the new funding, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada will be working with provincial licensing bodies to develop a nationally-accepted system to recognize internationally-acquired education and work experience in the field. They will also be creating a multilingual web portal for foreign-trained architects that will provide information on the architectural industry in Canada and the system for credential recognition. It will also feature online learning courses.

"The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is thrilled with the support it is receiving from the Government of Canada," stated RAIC Executive Director, Jon Hobbs. "The announced funding will enable us to create a fairer, more transparent system for integrating internationally trained architects into our profession, and improve their access to labour market information and learning tools that are vital to their success in Canada."

If you are a foreign trained architect residing outside Canada, you may have a good chance to qualify for immigration to Canada. You can get a free evaluation by completing the Canada Immigration Evaluation From.

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