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At a conference of Information Technology industry leaders, skilled workers, and educational institutions, a consensus was made clear: Canada's IT needs more immigration to meet labour demands.

In a move aimed to capitalize on the contributions being made by foreign workers to the booming Canadian economy, the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration along with of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) have announced that they will be extending the length of certain Temporary Foreign Worker permits.

Driven by greater than expected job creation in December, Canada's unemployment rate fell back down to the 30-year low previously reached in May 2006..

The construction industry in Canada is in desperate need for more workers from abroad. With potential growth being held back by labour shortages, industry leaders are asking the government to increase immigration and to improve recruiting strategies to bring individuals with much-needed construction skills to Canada.

In the recent announcement by Ontario's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Mike Colle, nearly $3 million was allotted for programs that will smooth the entry of foreign-trained nurses into the province's healthcare system. The new funding is targeted at the various steps that must be completed in order to practice nursing in Ontario. Nurses will receive increased support for their licensing exam, their language training, and with acquiring work experience.

In order to overcome the delays and difficulties of getting foreign credentials recognized in Canada, a new government office will provide services to newcomers and immigrants to assist in navigating the credential recognition process. This will help new immigrants to work in their chosen fields in Canada The Foreign Credential Referral Office is a new project that will help immigrants begin the process of getting their credentials recognized before they arrive in Canada, preventing time from being wasted on arrival.

To help new health care immigrants to quickly start working in Quebec, Canada, the Immigration Minister has established agreements with seven professional corporations - governing doctors, nurses, nurses' aides, occupational therapists, inhalations therapists, midwives, and medical technicians. The goal is to make sure that every foreign trained medical or helth professional who comes to Quebec, Canada and who wishes to be a part of a professional order..

Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) recently announced that it will be funding a new initiative through the Foreign Credential Recognition Program for internationally-trained architects (mostly Canadian Immigrants)

Currently profession of architect is regulated differently in all provinces and territories in Canada. This means that, by law, no one can practise the profession of architect without a license.

Jean Augustine has been nominated as Ontario, Canada's first-ever Fairness Commissioner to work with regulatory bodies to ensure that the credentials of internationally trained professionals are evaluated fairly and transparently, Ontario Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mike Colle announced.

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