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The Canadian Provincial Nomination Immigration Program allows the individual Provinces to select a number of immigrants each year that have a genuine intention to settle there. Provincial Nomination is one of the immigration procedures offered where the province or territory has more control over the immigrants they select. In order to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program, applicants must be nominated by a Canadian province or territory. They will assess your application based on their immigration needs.

Canadian provinces and territories are on track this year to welcome a record number of immigrants selected under their own nominee programs. There has been a rapid growth in provincial nominee programs in recent years. Canada plans to admit about 40,000 immigrants in the provincial nominee category in 2011. The Provincial Nominee programs is very beneficial to the country as it helps in spreading out the benefits of immigration around the country.

A new Statistics Canada 2006 report reveals that the province of Manitoba has the highest employment rate in Canada among recent immigrants. In Manitoba, the employment rate among this group is a country-leading 73.1 per cent and its unemployment rate is only 6.8 per cent, the second lowest in Canada.

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