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Canadian law allows you to adopt a child from another country if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Adopting a child from another country brings joy to thousands of Canadian parents every year. The process of adopting a child can only be simplified if proper procedures are followed. The entire process can be fairly lengthy as CIC ( Citizenship and Immigration Canada ) needs to ensure that to ensure the child's rights are protected.

Canadians who adopt children abroad will find it easier to have their newest family members become Canadian citizens. The new law allows children adopted abroad by Canadian citizens to obtain Canadian citizenship without first having to become permanent residents. After Dec. 23, 2007, citizenship can be granted to them after the adoption is complete, after submitting an application for citizenship.

About 2,000 foreign children are adopted by citizens or permanent residents of Canada every year. Canada's immigration system works to deal with these adoptions as quickly as possible. However, international adoption can be a long process. This article describes the process of Immigrating and Adopted Children to Canada. While the process may seem long, it is necessary to protect adoptive children.

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